Between the Bars

Between the Bars

Between the Bars

By Adam Liam Rose


Between the Bars is a volume containing 30 graphite drawings created by artist Adam Liam Rose. The drawings replicate a performance work Rose made in 2013 titled “Soragim,” where they built and occupied the in-between space of a freestanding window and its bars. Rose then wove white yarn between the bars until disappearing into a field of white. Likewise, the drawings progress from 1 to 30 as a line of thread weaves through ornamental window bars, eventually creating a wall of woven line across the page. Rose reimagines the windowsill as a performative site—almost as an actor on the stage. This “queer” space is a meditation on time and place, knowing and unknowing, a safe space of both comfort and discomfort.

- GenderFail


4.5" x 6", Risograph printed, Perfect bound

Published by GenderFail in 2021

Brooklyn, NY