By Amorphous Sculpture Salon


CAVES is the first publication by the enigmatic Amorphous collective. It features 2 unbound prints by 10 artists. CAVES was first conceived in 2019, developed further in 2020, and finally realized in 2021.

“We are afraid of caves. We are drawn to caves. We hear wolves howl from caves. We hear water drip. Stalactites and stalagmites are the oldest pop-duo. We do not want to be cave people, but we fantasize about contemporary families living in caves. We watch fire create cinemas in caves. We run from monsters into caves; we run from monsters out of caves. We worry about being caught in sea caves. We worry about never finding sea caves. We want to find treasure in caves. Sometimes we find cadavers in caves. We worry about the air in caves. We find new treatments in caves. We lose track of time
in caves. We lose track of ourselves.”

- Alexa Punnamkuzhyil


8.5” x 11”, Linocut and digitally printed on paper, metallic cardstock, fabric, transparency film, recycled bags, comes in an antistatic resealable bag

Published by Open Projects Press in 2021

Edition of 100

New York, NY