Facility Issue 2

Facility Issue 2

Facility Issue 2
Edited by Erin Sheehy

Facility is a magazine about bathrooms. It treats the bathroom as a small but interesting window through which to view society.

Issue 2 includes: Bidet reviews, bar soap horoscopes, a personal essay on convent bathrooms, a piece on bleach and harm reduction, low-cost ways to make public restrooms more accessible, bathroom inventions made in prison, plus investigations into toilet paper embossing, saliva, bird poop, and more!

Featuring: Laurel Atwell, Keenan Bennett, Reily Joel Calderón, Seb Choe, Rebecca Damilola Fayemi, Laura Gamboa, Robb Godshaw, Elizabeth Gumport, Mikaihla Howe, Joyce S. Lee, Molly Marriner, Elisabeth Nicula, Gabriel Pericàs, Anna Platt, Danise Prescott, Anika Rahman, Erin Sheehy, TJ Shin, Peter Snelling, Temporary Services and Angelo, Ward 5B, and Mona Williams. Cover by Zekarias Thompson.


Published by Facility in 2021

7" x 10", Offset printed, Perfect bound

Brooklyn, NY