FROCK: Vol 3 Simultaneous Stimulation

FROCK: Vol 3 Simultaneous Stimulation

FROCK: Vol 3 Simultaneous Stimulation

Edited by Eli Schmidt


One hundred and twenty richly printed black and white pages loaded to the hilt with glitter, grunts and glamour. Get off with 13 totally new FROCK approved features including:

Greetings, From Tammie Brown

The world got to know Tammie Brown on season 2 of Rupaul’s Drag Race ...and it justhasn’t been the same since. We caught up with Tammie during a recent trip to NYC and are pleased as punch to let you know she’s a class act. The musician, folk artist, entertainer and drag impresario is blazing trails. Blazing Trails!


In 2005 Buck Angel became the first trans man to be featured in an all-male film produced by a company specializing in gay male porn. Since that debut, Buck has gone on to work as an educator, lecturer, sex educator, cannabis advocate and sex toy creator. Buck is not someone who responds well to being told no- and that’s exactly why he’s the notable man he is today. FROCK catches up with the self proclaimed ‘Man With A Pussy’ to discuss the legacy of his erotic work.

A Good Doll Is Hard To Find

Jack Hellwing is a real doll! The ‘rubber gimp’ has blossomed into a busty and beautiful play-thing complete with heels and hips. If you’re looking to play house, this is one doll you’ll want to bring along for the ride.

Fulfilled By FORT TROFF

What good is desire if it can’t be fulfilled? FROCK takes a dive into the hottest adult products from our rough and sexy friends at Fort Troff. From blindfolds to restraints, Fort Troff

And that's just the start! Our full list of features includes Jock 4 Jock, Rubbo The Clown, Fulfilled bu Fort Troff, The Heat of the Night feat. Porschia Munroe, A Strong Swimmer, Greetings from Tammie Brown, Damian Dragon XXX, A Good Doll Is Hard To Find, Robert Andy Coombs, Buck Angel, Mistress Ashley Paige, Coriander and SO MUCH MORE!


Published by H.E. Press in 2021

7" x 9", Digitally printed, Perfect bound

New York, NY