Edited by Hannah Pierce


For the second edition of this low-key gathering of interdisciplinary works in progress, focus was turned towards progress/process, towards the work behind a work.

Most things that manifest from the creative process are not deemed valuable in a society that assigns worth via dollar amounts and determines productivity through the lens of tangible, marketable goods.

This magazine, itself a work in progress, is the product of conversations held with contributors and friends since the publication of vol 1. many of us felt/feel that our contact sheets, prototypes, documentation images, and random phrases scrawled on scraps of paper are equally as valuable to our conceptual or technical development as much as finished works. Some works are the start of something larger, waiting for context to be given by critiques, additional works, or time. 

- Lōkē Editions


5.5" x 8.5", Risograph printed, Staple bound

Published by Lōkē Editions in 2019

Brooklyn, NY