Precog Volume 5: Bubble Orchestra

Precog Volume 5: Bubble Orchestra

Precog Volume 5: Bubble Orchestra

Published by Florencia Escudero, Gaby Collins-Fernandez and Kellie Konapelsky; Designed by Kellie Konapelsky


Precog is an independent magazine that explores science, technology, techno plastics, cyber culture and feminism.

Our 5th issue, Bubble Orchestra, prompts ideas about the concept and materiality of bubbles: as a metaphor for thinking through ideas of individuality and group cohesion; echo chambers and their tenuousness; algorithms; and the fragility of identity. Our aim in bringing together this group of “bubbles” is to see how they sing together; what kind of cacophony or harmony is achieved in the proximity of these individual projects. Bubbles float through different material planes -- rather than describe a specific material, they represent an enclosure or interruption of solid materiality. Bubble Orchestra exists as both a physical magazine and as an interactive digital space made in collaboration with the Virtual Dream Center.


Published by Precog in 2021

8" x 11", Offset printed, Perfect bound

New York, NY