Precog Volume 6

Precog Volume 6

Precog Volume 6 was conceived in late February 2020, when ideas about nonlinear narratives already rang true in terms of contemporary culture and politics. The relevance of the nonlinear only became more apparent (albeit coincidentally) after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing chaos of the following years: the summer uprisings of 2020, the presidential election, and chaos of January 6, 2021. The artists and writers included deal with non-linear narratives in those terms: in and out of sense and history, topically and abstractly.

Precog Magazine is an independent magazine that explores science, technology, techno plastics, cyber culture and feminism independently edited and published by Florencia Escudero, Kellie Konapelsky, and Gaby Collins-Fernandez, and designed by Kellie Konapelsky. The magazine includes artist projects including visuals, writing, and interviews; to date including 6 issues and more than 200 artists.


9" x 12", Offset printed, Perfect Bound

Published by Precog in 2022

Brooklyn, NY