Speciwomen Issue 3

Speciwomen Issue 3

Speciwomen Issue 3: Fluidity

Artists in the issue: Alex Nawotka, Opashona Gosh, Mari Nagaoka, Maral Bolouri, Young Merlot, Josh Quinton, Zhamak Fullad, Anne-Sophie Guillet, Les Jesus, Dress Up, Gina Piersanti, Noha Choukrallah, Habibitch, Ranma Yu, Yola Jimenez, Han Being, Carolina Larrosa, Grey, Erkan Affan.


This new issue explores fluidity and queerness, featuring womxn and femme artists of all backgrounds that work in hybrid art forms, and work around moving beyond the binary, gender norms and labels from our society.

Speciwomen Magazine is a self-published annual publication.


7" x 11", Digitally printed, Perfect bound

Published by Speciwomen in 2021

Brooklyn, NY