Whiskey Squid (Memoirs)

Whiskey Squid (Memoirs)

Whiskey Squid (Memoirs)

By Adéolá Olákìítán and Alexander Si


Even the body can take over language when you are refusing to see...

Through a self-prescribed splitlectic, Whiskery Squid speaks as memoirs in memories. The poems and lyric essays in this collection dissociate from the mantle of silence: When can too much be violence? Is brokenness such a threat? Whiskery Squid is a receipt of acceptance; subterranean drills into human hours; tentacles beyond a single self; surreal echoes. It embodies an expanded sense of what it means to memoir: to breathe, never excluding those dank minutes; to heal ad infinitum; commingling timescapes; to fail forward; to press body to another; be in oceanic conversation.

As an art book made in collaboration with Alexander Si, the fragments transcend mere text into a performative-interactive experience. Two hands making this one thing blurs conventional understandings of the memoir. In cracks and cool cuts, Whiskery Squid raises salutations to hearts well pulped, well alive.

- Adéolá Olákìítán 


4.5" x 7", Digitally printed with glued, clipped and loose collaged inserts, Sewn bound leather cover

Published by 24EBroadway in 2020

Edition of 20

New York, NY