Catalog: Anxious Life Saving

Catalog: Anxious Life Saving

Catalog: Anxious Life Saving

By Omri Livne


In a 2D format, CATALOG shows collages and ideas for an installation revolving around objects helpful for me in my walk through my life. The core of the unrealized installation work will be a typical kitchenette that every Berlin flat has or has had at some point during its modern lifetime. This is a kitchen unit that can be purchased in Bauhaus or Obi for €59.90. In the sink will be a dirty Hay dish sponge, which costs €5 per piece. Other items that appear in CATALOG will also be installed in the space as artworks. My goal is to create an overview of objects I consider essential for life as a millennial artist while simultaneously providing a critique of my own culture of consumerism.

- Livne Editions


8.5" x 11", Inkjet printed, Experimental binding

Published by Livne Editions in 2019

Berlin, Germany