Hito (Home In The Other)

Hito (Home In The Other)

Hito (Home In The Other)

By Homie House Press 


This is student work done in the time span of 60 minutes, in efforts to try to find a sense of home in another individual. It is a love letter to self, to a stranger, to a feeling, to nostalgia... to home. It is called HOME in the other.

We have produced a collaborative project through simple zine making in the mediums of photography and writing. Attendees were asked to participate by engaging with their individual experience and paralleling that with others' encounters. Through this intimate and investigative process we delve into kinship and community. Together, we can further understand our current condition through this intersectional workshop. 

- Homie House Press


5.5" x 8.5", Risograph printed, Experimental binding

Published by Homie House Press in 2019

Baltimore, MD