Edited by Paul John & Anthony Tino

Featuring: Downtown Girls Basketball Contributors: John Marshall Mantel, Kevin Dejewski, Anthony Tino, Audrey Ryan, Paul John, Tate Foley, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Anna-Marie Settine, Casey Balsham Contributors: Audrey Ryan, Carmen Hermo, Andrew Keck, Sara Sutterlin, Alycia Proios, Ben Campbell, Ryan Oskin, Michael Williamsson, Cook Williams, Margot Rose, Nathan Wilson, Lucia Hermo, Jarryd Boath, Doug Eberhardt, Ryan Moser

Launched by Endless Editions in 2014, SPRTS is a satirical periodical combining the talents of writers, editors, and artists. Compacted into a risograph printed pocket-size booklet, SPRTS offers commentary, advice, and artwork related to the field of sports. SPRTS is cross-pollination between visual art and sportsmanship, seeking to bridge the art world with a more general public.

In its first year SPRTS came out on a monthly basis and was partially circulated through a subscription service. However, since 2015 it has been released at irregular intervals; usually once or twice per year.

The launch of issue #3, featuring Downtown Girls Basetball, was our first event organized at Printed Matter. It included a reading by Co-Editor Anthony Tino and a musical performance by Erik Gundle playing the lap steel. Issue three also marked the beginning of a regularly occurring column by Anna-Marie Settine titled, In the AM. It was meant to evoke a “Dear Abby” advice column vibe. It may, or may not have succeeded. Editors letter by Paul "HOOP JONES HIGH SCORE: 295" John,Top 5 by Casey Balsham, and Instagram of the month Cici Bellis (@cicibellis).

- Endless Editions


5" x 7", Risograph printed, Saddle stitch bound

Published by Endless Editions in 2014

New York, NY