The earth leaked red ochre

The earth leaked red ochre

The earth leaked red ochre

Edited by Re'al Christian


Examining landscape as a site of memory, imagination, and untranslatable histories, the exhibition and accompanying publication The earth leaked red ochre consider the poetic and political dimensions of ecological encounters. With a particular focus on borders, movement, navigation, and language, the artists featured in the exhibition—Lara Atallah, Simon Benjamin, Sara Jimenez, Corinne Jones, and Levani (aka Levan Mindiashvili)—are connected by their explorations of living through diaspora. Mining spaces of colonial occupation and disrupted ecosystems, each artist takes a unique approach to recalling forgotten memories embedded within the landscape, while articulating their respective and collective connections to space.


Edited with an introduction by the exhibition's curator Re’al Christian, the publication features new writing by Lara Atallah, an experimental interview with Sara Jimenez, a poetic collaboration between Levani and poet danilo machado, a typographic intervention by Corinne Jones, and a transcript by Simon Benjamin.

5.5" x 8.5", Digitally printed, Saddle stitch bound

Published by Miriam in 2022

Edition of 100

New York, NY